Its been a busy December for the Village Hall with new windows installed, lighting improvements and heater repairs.

The Parish Council is proud to say this is just the start of works to improve the hall for the village. The new double glazing will help make the village hall warm and inviting and provide a long term low maintenance improvement, helping to lower running costs too. Installation was completed just before Christmas and we are keen to see how much electricity and CO2 will be saved by the improvements.

As well as this, a new external light has been installed on a timer, helping users find the key and get in the door when they arrive in the dark! Many of the ceiling lights have also been replaced to stop the flickering and a new electric heater installed.

During spring we are hopeful that the exterior will be repainted white, this will make a huge difference bringing all the window work together and ensuring the hall looks at its best. We also hope to refurbish the noticeboards at the front to tidy these up too.

We look forward to keeping you up to date on progress – Peasemore Parish Council

Please find the November 2021 Parish Council Report below.