Bell Restoration: The Video (ish)

A note from Adrian Cubitt in relation to the Bell Restoration video which had it’s showing at the end of January in the church…..

Thanks to everybody who attended Saturday night’s showing of the Bell’s Restoration video in the Church – it seemed like most people enjoyed it and we’ve had many positive comments… which is great! As I mentioned on Saturday night we had several people asking about obtaining a copy, in some form… although it would be possible to create a DVD (fortunately no-one suggested Bluray!) , the easiest way for me to distribute the video file is by copying it to a USB Memory Stick which would retain the full gloriousness of its hi-def quality.

Having researched the cost I think the best way is to supply the memory stick (32GB) with a 100mm square storage box. There will be enough space on the stick to also include the photo slideshow and a few full sized photos if anyone wants to print and frame one. Price of this bundle is coming out between £10 and £15 if I deliver personally.

Please email me if you are interested or have any comments.

Many thanks!