Below is a note from the Parish Council around this years local Peasemore Precept which provides some detail around what the Parish Council spends our tax pennies on.  The Parish Council runs open meetings regularly, the schedule is on the website, next meeting Weds 27th March 7pm at the Village Hall – Ed

This year the Parish Council have taken the decision to increase the precept from £8,250 to £10,000. The Parish Council uses the precept to manage our facilities on your behalf. Historically the precept was kept very low as prior to Covid the Village Hall always provided a surplus of income to support increased costs in running these facilities, but the increase in electricity prices and decrease in Hall usage has removed this. We also used to run without a paid clerk, but the absence of a volunteer from the village and increased statutory and compliance required necessitated the employment of a professional clerk with the many skills and experience required. The increase shown on all our Council Tax bills looks dramatic at just under 20%, but it equates to £20 p.a. on a Band F house.

The greater part of this income is spent on:

  • Mowing the village green £2,125
  • Electricity £3,000
  • Clerk Salary £3,570
  • Insurance £1,200

The following items are also paid for by the pre-cept, dog bin emptying, tree maintenance, pond maintenance, de-fibrillator pads and batteries, fire extinguisher servicing, playground inspection and maintenance, data protection registration, website domain charge, plants, audit fees, Village Hall cleaning, PAT testing, upkeep and maintenance of the Pavilion – to name but a few.

In response to concerns raised in the Parish Plan update questionnaire we are purchasing four new dog bins at a cost of £1,500 and two new rubbish bins at a cost of £750.

Our next Parish Council meeting is on 27th March at 7 o’clock in the Village Hall, please do come along if you have any questions or wish to raise any points.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Liz Prest (Parish Councillor)