Parish Plan

The Parish Council is currently working on updating the 2004 Parish Plan this helps steer the Parish Council on parishioners priorities and outline what we hope to achieve in the next 5 years. It also assists the Parish Council in responding to the District Council on Planning Applications and Consultations.

Improving the Village Hall

New double glazed windows will be fitted shortly, with a plan to then update the hall further improving it for generations to come. This will include indoor and outdoor improvements, helping to ensure the Village Hall is something the Village can be proud of.

Website & Sharing Village Information

One large project over the past 6 months has been to improve Parish Council communications and ensure we are meeting all our obligations under the Transparency Act, GDPR Policies, Website Accessibility. We are please to say with the launch of the new website we have taken great steps, but are always keen to hear how we can improve further.