Welcome to the Peasemore Village Hall refurbishment project page, on this page we will gather all the latest information and documents relating to the project initiated in 2024 to carry out a refurbishment to this key village facility


  1. To ensure the Village Hall is a key asset for the whole community for years to come
  2. A comfortable, efficient, accessible and modern facility


  1. The Hall is poorly insulated, has rapid heat loss and high running costs
  2. Kitchen is small, outdated and lacking facilities
  3. Toilets need modernisation and take up large amount of space
  4. Ceiling in poor repair with inefficient lighting


  1. Enlarge, modernise and fully equip the kitchen relocating to existing toilets
  2. Insulate all the walls and the storeroom
  3. Build small extension to accommodate 3 toilets in a more discrete location
  4. It is still undecided to reinstate original vaulted ceiling (as subject to acoustic evaluation)
  5. Install energy efficient feature lighting
  6. Add storage space in the toilet lobby area
  7. Address accessibility issues
  8. Redecorate throughout
  9. Minor external enhancements


  1. Costs include the build (est £130k) plus VAT, fees and contingency
  2. Most of the monies will be raised through grants and funding from various bodies
  3. We will use a professional fund raiser to help secure this finance
  4. The Parish Council precept will not fund the refurbishment
  5. Grant providers expect to see community fundraising and donations no matter how small
  6. Raising the funds assumed to take between 18-30 months


Fundraising Target £188k

We are utilising “the good exchange” portal which is provided by the Greenham Trust to maximise donations to our account.

You can visit the site at any time to see the latest contributions

The Good Exchange website

Latest posts and events relating to the project

Village Hall exterior

Latest Village Hall Refurbishment plans published

Following the consultation in the village hall during June the latest updated plans are now available for viewing, they can also be found in the documents section of the main Village Hall Refurbishment page which has been created to provide…

Village Hall Improvements (Dec 2021)

Its been a busy December for the Village Hall with new windows installed, lighting improvements and heater repairs. The Parish Council is proud to say this is just the start of works to improve the hall for the village. The new double glazing…

Who is the Peasemore Village Hall Working Group?

Deborah Brady

Chair & Parish Council Representative

Ian Seatree

Community Representative

Tim Weston

Financial Representative

June Hateley

Fund Raising Representative

Marwood Jeans

Building Project Representative

Paul Baird

Fund Raising Consultant

Document store

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Tue 11th Jun, 2024Village Hall Plans1 Download a PDF of the village hall plan